Express Yourself X Are searching for 2 Female  Models For a day of Flyer Photoshoots for Erotic Events, Some Video Recordings for Promo Purposes for Private Upcoming Events and Simple Soft Girl on Girl Bold Photoshoot. 

Our Theme is Bold and Sexy and we wish for you to give forth this character.

Some of these will be used for streetwear marketing with a touch of Luxury.

We are making some merchandise specific for this project.

A tease of yourselves with props such as bats and using fishnets etc..

Flyers, ❤️ , erotic tease visuals on art etc..

be bold and sexy in some things from your wardrobe of clothing and what we have

to do an erotic art scene of ice cubes and oils and scenes that can be slowed down visually and released with marketing.. parties in future etc.. if you can act as a host


We have a Range of Hoodies and T-Shirts to Photograph. We will also send you mood boards of what we are going for.


Location: Chester, UK (More details upon application)

Duration - 5Hrs

Date - Saturday June 27 2020

Payment - £180 Each

Height - 5"7 MAX (Shorter Welcome)

Able To Work In A Group

OVER 18s


If you believe you want to join in helping us grow our luxury brand, we can work on an affiliate program with you. We are after sophistication and are targeting the New Elite with sophisticated products and you are welcome to discuss this income stream with us.

We will work together in creating a range and discuss business, plain and simple.

We Look Forward To The Finished Project.

Express Yourself

We Deliberately set the text this way as we thought it would be funny 😏